Circumcised men: What is different about sex?

With or without: It is purely a matter of opinion whether a woman prefers circumcised or uncircumcised men. But what exactly does it mean for a man to be circumcised and what is different when you have sex with him??

In other religions, such as Judaism and Islam, the circumcision of infants and young children is widespread. Circumcision is also a routine procedure in the United States, where around 70 percent of men are circumcised. It wasn't until the end of the 19th. In the 20th century, more and more young boys were circumcised because sex was taboo and it was hoped that circumcision would prevent boys from masturbating.
Although American pediatricians today clearly state that circumcision without medical indication does not justify the medical benefits of the risks, circumcision continues.

Circumcision yes or no?

It's different with us: In Germany, circumcision is usually medically justified, for example in the case of a narrowing of the foreskin (phimosis) or urinary tract problems. However, there are also men who voluntarily go under the knife because they expect improved aesthetics, more stamina and better hygiene. But what are the real advantages of circumcision for men?? And what are the disadvantages of circumcised men?

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What exactly is being done?

The foreskin of the glans is completely or partially removed in an operation. Usually this already happens in toddler age.

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Are there health benefits for circumcised men?

Of course, daily hygiene is a bit easier for men without a foreskin. But in the end, an uncircumcised man should be able to do that too. In addition, the risk of urinary tract infections, infections with human papillomaviruses (HPV, viruses that can cause precursors of cervical cancer in women) and sexually transmitted diseases should be lower in the circumcised.

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Circumcision changes the fun in bed?

Of course, one wonders whether the glans would not be much more sensitive without the protective foreskin. Researchers from the University of Sydney analyzed the results of 36 studies, including a total of 40.473 men participated. They found: Especially if the circumcision took place in childhood, there is hardly any difference in sensitivity, excitability or ability to orgasm.

But there are also studies that come to the opposite conclusion. A study carried out in Denmark in 2011 found that circumcised men were three times more likely to experience orgasm difficulties than uncircumcised men.

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Are circumcised men more difficult to excite?

Unfortunately yes. The foreskin wraps itself over the glans of the penis and thus protects against external influences. It has thousands of nerve endings where it connects to the penis and is very sensitive. The foreskin therefore plays a not inconsiderable role in the male sensation of pleasure.
Circumcision decreases the sensitivity of the glans. This is what many women say who have experience with circumcised and uncircumcised men. Often circumcised men are not that easy to stimulate. However, there is no evidence that men without a foreskin can last longer because they are less sensitive to the stimulation.

Masturbation is also more difficult for men without a foreskin because there is no need to push the foreskin back and forth. The more skin was removed during pruning, the more uncomfortable it can be to stimulate the dry glans by hand. Often it is only pleasant with lubricant.

And for us women, too, the following applies: The techniques for hand and blowjobs are simply different, as the foreskin can no longer be used as a stimulant in circumcised men.

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Do you notice something as a woman?

Many women don't really notice any difference. Nevertheless, in surveys the uncircumcised gentlemen in the popularity scale are front. The problem: Was a lot of skin removed in circumcision, the penetration can be for both unpleasant sex, as it usually reduces the sliding of the penis in its shaft skin - which is eliminated with the circumcised man.
The humidification (lubrification) of the vagina can not always compensate for this completely and thus lubricants are necessary in some circumcised men.