Train better: The best tips for a cardio workout

To really work yourself out for 45 minutes is great! We'll tell you how to get the best out of your endurance training.

Cardio training is great for body and soul. You do a lot for your health, burn a few calories and afterwards feel tired, but relaxed and carefree. To make sure it's really worth it and you don't do anything wrong, you should keep the following seven tips in mind:


To burn a lot of calories, you shouldn't always train at the same speed or with the same resistance. The body is challenged a lot more when you train faster, sometimes slower, or when you use the elliptical or cross trainer. increase the resistance of the fitness bike.

Tip: Try out different time intervals and train alternately for 3 minutes with a difficult interval and 5 minutes at your normal pace.


Just going for a jog or struggling on the cross trainer or bike is pretty boring. Quite apart from the fact that only the same muscle groups are trained. Better to alternate a little. Go running one day, stand on the elliptical machine, go swimming or do a Zumba class the next. It's more fun and you train a lot of different muscle groups.

The right shoes

A pair of sports shoes is enough? Not necessarily. Especially when you jog or walk, you should get special running shoes that fit your foot and the ground on which you are running. This will avoid joint problems. You don't need special sports shoes for cross trainers, cycling and aerobics classes.

Don't forget to drink

Since you will certainly work up a sweat during endurance training, you should drink enough. Always have a bottle with water, best quiet, you can drink better. You do not need special athlete drinks. In the mineral water are also contain minerals.

Fresh air - yes or no?

The one swearing on training on the fresh air - no matter how the weather is. The others praise in the studio. Both is OK. You can also do sports outdoors in winter, but then pay attention to that you wear enough warm clothes and do not cool.

However, sports outdoor have a great advantage: you do what your immune system and many feel the fresh air as a pleasant and relaxing.

Warm-up and cool-down

If you handle 45 minutes on the treadmill, make a few more minutes from. Before you rits right, you should warm up to relax the muscles. It is enough if you start training slowly and only increase the speed after 5 minutes. It is best not to stop abruptly, but run or run for a few minutes at a moderate pace. Turn down the resistance on the cross trainer or bike until your pulse has regulated and you are breathing normally again.

The right music

With music on your ears, endurance training is much more fun - and you will even be inspired to perform at your best. Get a few quicker favorite songs, make sure your MP3 player, iPod or cell phone is securely in place, and then you're good to go! The best music for jogging is here

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