Beautify a concrete wall with creativity

There is a wide range of design options to turn an unsightly concrete wall into a piece of jewelery. In addition to classic solutions such as painting, plastering and cladding, attractive plantings or unique architectural pieces can give the concrete wall a unique appearance.

To brush

The visual effect of a concrete wall can be easily adapted to the surroundings with paint. Restrained and muted colors in shades of green to brown unobtrusively complement plants and garden designs. Signal colors create an attractive contrast to the surroundings and ideally not only highlight the concrete wall itself. Contours and shadows cast by plants and garden objects create depth.

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As an art object, the paint on the concrete wall can represent objects. From images such as sunsets and landscape scenes to abstract patterns and graffiti to painted sundials, roses or windows, an infinite number of possibilities are conceivable.


Plaster on the concrete wall usually underlines a rustic appearance. Coarse plaster and rough plaster fit into high-growth garden landscapes, while smooth plaster perfectly frames large, flat overgrown areas such as lawns, meadows and flower beds. Different colors provide additional design options.


If the concrete wall should "disappear", cladding with wood or plastic is an option. The wall can take on the character of a fence or form a wooden wall. In the area of plastic cladding, manufacturers offer countless product variants, from imitations of all materials to frescoes and chasings in three-dimensional designs.


By facing a concrete wall with natural stone slabs, a natural stone wall is created from the concrete, which can hardly be distinguished from a solid stone wall. The stone slabs can be glued on with mortar (7.79 € at Amazon *) or attached to a substructure.


The concrete surfaces can be completely greened both on the crown of the concrete wall and with climbing plants. A climbing wire grille allows roses, wild vines or ivy to seize the concrete wall in just a few years and transform it into a natural-looking barrier.


Individual openings in a round shape can form "portholes" on the other side of the wall. Recessed wall parts can be replaced with strong Plexiglas and filled with stones or other decorative natural products.

Tips & Tricks Look at the concrete wall as a frugal and permanently stable support object for all kinds of designs.