Relational repair of the concrete wall

When repairing a concrete wall, the relationship between the concrete and the repair mortar is the decisive criterion for lasting success. Together with proper repairs, the filling compound and the existing building fabric form a homogeneous connection. In most cases, calcareous mortar is ideal.

Cracks, holes and crevices are thoroughly cleaned of "diseased " concrete residues such as crumbs, chippings or sand. Vacuum cleaners and long-haired brushes are good tools for fine cleaning. If moisture occurs, it is important to locate and correct the cause.

The now clean and dry damaged area is embalmed with milk of lime or sprayed out. The lime mortar is slowly pressed into the moistened repair area. The filling compound is increasingly condensed by applying spatula strokes across the surface of the mortar (7.79 € at Amazon *).

In order to increase the material relationship, the lime mortar can be stretched with powdered concrete residues of the disposed crumbs and sands. If necessary, aggregates that increase the adhesive force are helpful. In the case of larger holes, the insertion of stainless steel pins is common.