Buy concrete paving stones from the manufacturer

There are large industrial manufacturers who produce large quantities of the same concrete paving stones, especially for public clients. The minimum purchase quantities are of no interest to private customers. It is similar with manufacturers who only produce for commercial customers.

Concrete block factories with factory sales to private

If you are looking for sources of supply for concrete paving stones, in addition to the hardware stores, building material stores and specialist dealers on the Internet, you also have the option of asking manufacturers directly. However, you must first check whether the manufacturer also sells its products directly to end customers. If the company only sells its concrete paving stones to commercial customers, but has a product you want exclusively in its range, you have two options. You can ask whether there are commercial sales partners of the manufacturer who sell normal household quantities to private end customers. The alternative is to ask the craft business that you want to commission with the laying of the concrete paving stones to process the order for you.

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Special product lines

The various manufacturers develop and follow their own technologies, particularly in the area of the production of ecological stones with good water infiltration properties. Concrete paving stones can be provided with drainage holes, be poured from a unique concrete mix or achieve high seepage values through targeted shaping. Some manufacturers offer concrete paving stones that have drilled drainage channels inside the stone through which water can drain. Often coarse pebble inclusions are also used. Other manufacturers have developed plaster bandages that include free infiltration areas in addition to the joints, for example through one or two cut corners. A porous concrete structure allows seepage in the case of pore-like concrete paving stones. In addition to ecological stones, many manufacturers have their own processing methods to change the appearance of the concrete paving stones. They use the techniques such as pan rubbing, drumming, sand or water blasting, polishing, sawing, rumbling or flaming in special ways and can create looks, effects and designs that no other manufacturer has in their repertoire. You can find good examples on