Concrete slabs for the garden

The optical range of concrete slabs enables the decorative attachment of paths and squares in the home garden. Here you will find an overview of the optical and functional selection criteria with which you can find concrete slabs that meet your taste and enhance your garden.

Diverse optics

The surface treatment of concrete slabs has become so extensive with modern techniques that in many cases the actual material can hardly be recognized. Concrete slabs can look antique, look amazingly similar to natural stones or even have a wood look. For use in the garden, the right design is available for every taste and purpose, depending on your personal sense of style and design.

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Stability and durability

Concrete slabs are extremely stable and can be used as a permanent element in any garden design. There is practically no abrasion from walking on or moving garden tools. Dirt can be easily removed and the high weight ensures that the concrete slabs are securely in place.

Laying bandage or individual panels

Concrete slabs are used in the garden either to secure surfaces and paths or, when laid individually, can act as inconspicuous step aids on beds and lawns. As step aids for access to beds, they can simply be laid out loosely, as their own weight ensures their placement. Often, simple concrete slabs made of gray concrete are used for this purpose, which are ingrown or surrounded by earth and appear restrained. For larger areas with a laying bandage, more decorative surfaces are usually chosen.

Current offers

Concrete slabs garden
Relief gray in shell limestone look, 20 x 13.3 x 8 cm 24.90 EUR / sqm
Antique beige-brown, 6 mixed sizes 36.30 EUR / sqm
Various colors of exposed aggregate concrete, 50 x 50 x 5 cm hypocritical-concrete 14.20 EUR / sqm
Four colors shot-peened, 40 x 40 x 3.7 cm feiter 20 EUR / sqm

Acquisition for life

When planning the laying of concrete slabs in your garden, take enough time to think about the future. In a young garden, the plantings are still small and the accessible paths are open. Imagine the vegetation in ten years and align the paths and concrete slab positions accordingly now. Also think of any later root shoots, for example from trees.

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Tips & Tricks When paving paths and passageways with concrete slabs, think about good visibility. Lighting in the dark and avoiding tripping hazards such as heels or small steps increase safety. In some cases, lighter surfaces are a better choice.