Concrete slabs for the terrace

Concrete slabs are a popular choice as a flooring for the patio for several reasons. They are cheap to buy, easy to install and very durable. Nowadays you can choose from products that have nothing to do with gray standard panels.

Polished concrete and natural stone looks

The manufacturers of concrete slabs for the terrace have developed countless finishing techniques that offer surfaces for every taste. Gray surfaces can be given an elegant appearance by means of gloss grinding, polishing and structuring. Color gradations from light cement gray to the typical anthracite sheen are created using modern color pigment mixtures. Advanced manufacturing techniques enable color gradients and structures that come very close to the textures of natural stone. Mixing in chippings from natural stones such as basalt or slate additionally enhances the visual proximity.

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Surface treatments such as flaming or glazing create a rustic or antique image. Many manufacturers refine the surfaces with techniques they have developed themselves and thus create unique designs in addition to greater resistance to dirt and greater slip resistance. Glazes make the surfaces of the terrace slabs appear like burnt clinker. Special coatings develop a luminous sheen or an uneven natural stone structure. The surface can be designed in a slate look with diamond brushes and the natural stone impression is almost perfect with different color pigment admixtures from terracotta to marbled to dark gray.

Lay loosely or fix in a mortar bed

The processing of concrete slabs on the terrace can be done in two ways. In the case of unbound laying, the concrete slabs are laid loosely on a bed of sand or gravel and, if the subsoil is well compacted, remain immobile and safe for a long time. The heavy weight of the concrete slabs from six centimeters thick creates the immovable position of the individual concrete slabs. Alternatively, the concrete slabs on the terrace can be bricked in a bed of mortar (7.79 € at Amazon *), which expands the selection of concrete slabs to specimens with a thickness of less than six centimeters.

Current offers

Concrete slab terrace
Six colors brushed diamond 40 x 40 x 4.3 45 EUR / sqm
Medium gray shot-blasted 40 x 40 x 4 cm 40.56 EUR / sqm
Untreated gray 30 x 30 x 4 cm EUR 10.56 / sqm

Beware of frost protection

Not all concrete slabs for the terrace are frost-proof. Inquire at the hardware store, building materials dealer or specialist dealer whether the panels you have chosen belong to it. This applies above all to concrete slabs that are provided with glazes or surface seals.

Further information on the topic:

Tips & Tricks In addition to natural stone, other material imitations are also produced. Concrete slabs in the look of wooden planks, as used as railway sleepers, or concrete surfaces with a bast look are two examples of what special specialist and niche providers can come up with. Roughened gravel surfaces are also produced using the same production technology as for exposed aggregate concrete.