Buy large format concrete slabs

Concrete slabs with side dimensions of one meter or more create a special flair. They can be the width of a path or form an elegant terrace floor. However, laying is more complex than with smaller dimensions and the weight of the concrete slabs can quickly exceed a hundred kilograms.

Primarily optical consideration

Anyone who chooses large-format concrete slabs as flooring usually opts for rectangular or square slabs with side dimensions of one meter or more because of the modern architectural look. It is usually fiber concrete, which increases protection against drying cracks.

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The visual appearance and the corresponding demand almost only require subtle coloring in the large panel area. The majority of the commercially available products vary in shades of gray. Oversized concrete slabs of different colors are rarely available and usually have to be ordered directly from concrete works as custom-made products.

Transport, unloading and relocation

Large-format concrete slabs weigh a lot and can therefore only be moved with a powerful device. A square plate one meter wide and eight millimeters thick weighs around two hundred kilograms. Unloading by hand is not possible; a small crane or forklift truck must be used here. You can borrow a mini excavator for the installation.

Current offers

Concrete slabs in large formats
Gray, yellow & anthracite 80 x 80 x 3.8 cm feiter 59 EUR / sqm
Concrete slabs in the desired formats Cost estimate

Pay attention to the incline when laying

In contrast to smaller concrete slabs, it is difficult to align the large-format specimens after they have been lowered and placed on the laying bed. Good preparation and the best possible compaction of the upper gravel layer are essential here. It should already have an incline of two percent in order to bring the large-format concrete slab into almost the right angle when it is laid down.

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Tips & Tricks Large-format concrete slabs also make a good impression in combination with smaller paving units. Individually laid panels on a green area or in a bed of pebbles create very elegant architectural designs.