Concrete wall for 's living room - this is how it's done

Concrete, concrete look and industrial look have been very trendy for several years. A very impressive look can be created with a single concrete-look wall, especially in the living room. You can find out in detail in this article what options there are for this and what you can do.

Concrete look made for the wall yourself

The easiest way to paint a wall with a concrete look is with ready-made sets. This is a two-tier process. A second, additional coating is applied over a base coating, which is then additionally structured in a special way.

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Sets in stores are usually coordinated with one another and always contain:

  • the base coat
  • the top coat
  • a suitable structural tool

It is not always easy to combine different sets (for example if there are leftovers)

Application procedure

With a little skill and trial and error, even a layperson can do this relatively well and with a convincing appearance. The following steps are necessary for this:

  • Wall preparation (fill in if necessary, prime highly absorbent walls with an adhesive primer (36.80 € at Amazon *))
  • Apply the primer coat and structure according to the instructions while it is still damp
  • Leave to dry for 12 hours (for most products)
  • Apply the top coat and structure it when it is damp
  • let it dry completely

Concrete look costs

With complete sets from the brand manufacturer, you usually have to calculate around 60 EUR for a combination of 3 l base coating and 1 liter effect coating.

The amount is sufficient - depending on the nature of the wall - for around 7-10 m² of space. The square meter price for such an effect coating is therefore around 6 - 9 EUR per m², comparatively expensive when compared with other effect coatings or structural colors.

Lime marble plaster in concrete look

In the case of lime marble plasters, concrete look is the most common look. Lime marble plaster is, as the name suggests, a lime plaster that has been refined with certain proportions of marble. It is very often used for seamless bathrooms and showers, as it can be made completely water and dirt repellent with special additional coatings.

Thanks to its marble look, lime marble plaster creates a very authentic and exciting concrete effect with mostly slightly cloudy shades of color on the walls; the concrete wall effect can also be reinforced or slightly changed using spatula techniques.

For use in damp rooms, where the plaster has to be water-repellent, additional coatings are required, which significantly increases the cost of the material (around 30 EUR per m² at least). Since a special coating can be omitted in the living room, the material costs are well within reasonable limits.

Tips & Tricks If you are not confident in the execution and would like to have a professional concrete look on the living room wall, remember to simply hire a specialist company. The costs for designing a single wall are usually very manageable for painting companies.