Place bed in a bedroom with sloping pillar

If you have a roof slope in your bedroom, it is all the more important that the bedroom skilfully furnished and set up so that the oblique does not affect it. Particularly important is the position of the bed. Here are a few tips.

Lack of space through the slope

Due to a slope can be room for high furniture in a small room. It is therefore all the more important to use the place in standing height for cabinets. So what can be under the slope? The bed best! In bed you do not have to stand upright, so you do not need too high ceiling over your bed. If you also have a sloping window directly above the bed, you can even admire the starry sky in clear nights even in the loungers.

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According to Feng Shui, you should always look out of the roof pillar, D.H. The head end of her bed should be at the deepest point of the oblique. If you look into the sloping, the Feng Shui has a gripping impact. For security reasons, however, Feng Shui strangers are more likely to put the bed with the foot end in the sloping so that the necessary headroom is guaranteed.

Very low slopes

For very low slopes, however, you should refrain from placing the bed directly below to avoid accidents. Just imagine, they horrify at night and fall sleep drowsy at the sloping. No beautiful idea.

Air trains

Also important is to avoid air trains in the head area. If your windows are slightly leaking or there are air trains in your bedroom for other reasons, you should pay attention to when setting up the bed. A permanent breeze in the facial area leads to tension or even diseases.

Personal preferences

Most important, however, is ultimately how you feel comfortable. Every person prefer another sleep ambient: some, perhaps slightly claustrophobic people do not like to know an oblique wall about themselves. Again others who like to be scolded while sleeping maybe just feel comfortable when they look into a roof pillar. Just try it out and decide for your gut feeling.

Tips & Tricks If you like to ship to sleep, you can build a kind of four-poster bed in the sloping pillar. Get suggestions here.