Clean the billiard table without damaging it

Crumbs and stains can hardly be avoided on a pool table. If it does happen, a light brush or dab is the only way to clean the playing surface and inner boards. In case of doubt, a stain should be tolerated rather than fundamentally questioning the playability by cleaning too intensively.

Line direction and wandering movement

Felt has a so-called line direction. In order to avoid roughening and damaging the felt, this line direction must be adhered to every time you clean it. "Abbreviations " to the next hole should be avoided in order to keep the direction of the stroke. Longer distances when brushing the felt cloth are preferable.

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If the felt cloths are not glued, attention must also be paid to the movement of the felt itself. The pressure of a brush or a cloth should never cause the felt to fold or wander. If you need to brush or dab more heavily in individual areas, it helps to hold on by placing a ring-shaped fingertip on an assistant.

Liquid and crumbly

In the case of damp contamination, for example from drinks, the liquid should be absorbed immediately with vertically dabbing movements from above. Liquids need a moment until they move into the felt cloth. If you are fast, you can use the liquid "lose weight " before it feeds. Important is a strongly sucking rag or paper. Well suited is conventional kitchen roll paper. In no case are frictional movements be exercised.

For dust and solid dirt particles like crumbs, a cleaning brush is recommended. Special cleaning brushes are available in the specialized trade. Suitable are all brushes with soft bristles. If a dust sauer is used, the suction power must not lift the cloth sucking.

Banden and rack

Most pool tables have gangs and wooden racks. You can be cleaned with wood care products for furniture. In the case of existing plastic or paint seals, the wiping extends with a cloudy flap. Special polishing agents according to the manufacturer's instructions can be used to recreate the gloss and the metallic corner fittings. It is advisable to check the fastening screws at the same time.

Tips & Tricks Even if it sounds rabid, you should generally prohibit yourself and your fellow players from drinking, eating or smoking at or above your pool table. Provide sufficient storage space and, if necessary, ashtrays with cigarette parking slots in the immediate vicinity of the table.