Billiard table precisely

For the playing of a pool table, it is indispensable to create a level and horizontal playing area. Conventional water scales help only conditionally and are suitable when the play plate consists of one piece. More precisely is a machinewater scale or dragonfly. The plane play area is aligned horizontally with adjusting screws in the body.

Two adjustment levels

When aligning a pool table, two levels must be taken into account. The plate or plates themselves must be level and the entire playing surface must be stored horizontally. The evenness of the playing surface must be created before moving the billiard table. A continuous slate or wood panel must be checked for any sagging or twisting.

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If the playing surface consists of two or three individual panels, each must be aligned individually. The important thing here is the grouting, which ensures the flatness of the individual panels with respect to one another after they have dried out. If the joint fillers are brittle and crumbling, the pool table should be repaired.

Suitable measuring tools

A normal spirit level gives results that are too imprecise. A machine spirit level with hundredths of a measurement accuracy or a bubble level should be used to align a billiard playing surface. They must be placed on each individual plate at at least five measuring points.

The four corners and the center of each plate are ideal as measuring points. The alignment is always carried out from the outer edge in the direction of the transition to the next panel. It is important to take advantage of the hardening phase of the possibly supplemented or renewed joint filling. A level support on the base or another work surface is essential. The measured individual panels must not be moved until the joint compound has finally set and hardened (€ 6.99 at Amazon *).

Adjust the table horizontally

The level playing surface must be precisely balanced horizontally after the billiard table has been finally set up. Tilts up to about five degrees can be balanced over the table-specific adjusting screws. These are located depending on the manufacturer and construction either in the table feet or under the play plate.

Prerequisite for aligning is a solid floor covering that does not give up through the high weight of the table over time. The effect on a carpet or softwood floor can be reduced by subclosed support plates. Care must be taken that they do not disturb the later game.

Tips & Tricks After each position change, you should re-adjust your choice of billiard table with the meter with the meter.