Bitumen shingles - you have to pay this price

Bitumen shingles are an inexpensive and very beautiful way to cover a roof. Bitumen shingles have long been standard in the USA, but are rarely found here. But if you want to save costs, that would be good advice. Read on here.

Bitumen shingles: unbeatable price, great appearance

Bitumen shingles come in many different shapes and colors and are extremely durable roofing. The square meter prices of around 10 euros for the simpler versions make bitumen shingles an unbeatable low-cost roof covering.

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Some special products are a little more expensive, but mostly still significantly cheaper than clay bricks or fiber concrete. In addition, the installation is relatively easy and can also be carried out by less skilled craftsmen - at least if they are free from giddiness.

When buying, however, you should make sure that you only use bitumen shingles that have been manufactured and tested in accordance with EN 544. This applies to most European providers - but unfortunately not to all.

Calculate consumption

As a rule, this does not cause any problems, since the layer thickness and the overlap are fixed, depending on the roof angle. From this, the consumption for your own roof area can be estimated relatively precisely and thus an approximate total price can be determined.

Prices of selected providers (as of 2013)

Bitumen shingles, different shapes
Sonata super black, honeycomb, 3 sqm package 32 EUR / 3 m²
Onduline Bardoline trapezoid, glass fleece and ceramic granules 14.47 EUR / m²
Bitumen shingles
Tango super autumnal, beaver tail, 3qm package 35.00 EUR / 3 m²
Onduline Bardoline Pro 100, with glass fiber fleece insert 11.58 EUR / m²

Cost of roofing with bitumen shingles

When comparing costs between different types of roofing, it must be taken into account that a roof covering with bitumen shingles usually requires cladding and a bitumen sheeting on top. The cladding and the bitumen sheet are fastened with suitable nails, which are significant due to the large amount. Around 200 nails per square meter are also charged for nailing the bitumen shingles. In addition, there are additional materials such as eaves strips and, on some roofs, bitumen adhesive for bonding - either over the entire surface or on the edges.