Lead crystal glasses - what is the value of your lead crystal?

Many have relatively old, precious lead crystal in their showcase without knowing the value of the little treasures. You have often inherited lead crystal items from a grandmother and have been thinking about disposing of this glassware for a long time. But that would be a big mistake, because the lead crystal glasses, plates or carafes could have a high value.

Aspects of the valuation of lead crystal

Of course, you cannot make a final assessment of the value based on the following tips. But at least this way you can determine whether the glass was manufactured to a high quality. If, for example, there is a seam in the glass, it is a machine-made glass and this will certainly not be particularly old on the one hand and not exactly valuable on the other.

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  • Try to determine the age of the glass
  • Check lead crystal product for damage
  • Check against the light whether there is any cloudiness in the glass after polishing
  • Check the color spectrum in sunlight - a very colorful glitter indicates a higher value
  • Carefully check the sound of the glass - it should be as bright as a bell and clear
  • Look for a seam

Stamps and labels

Some glasses have a small print or an incised mark under the foot. Unfortunately, of course, with the very old, precious glasses, this note is often so heavily rubbed off that it is barely visible. So look under the glass with a magnifying glass.

Some glasses from the last 50 years also have small paper labels on their feet that say, for example, "24% lead crystal". This is already an indication of a high quality glass. However, it will hardly be a real antique.

Tips & Tricks A good antique dealer can give you a reasonable value for your lead crystal. However, you shouldn't have high hopes for a sudden fortune, as products made of lead crystal are only valued by a few collectors and are currently not particularly "in". It has to be a particularly unusual collector's item for the sale to be worthwhile at all. Rather, you should keep the glass for a while and hope for better times.