Looking into the sofa: What springs are in the couch??

The springs in the couch ensure pleasant flexibility when sitting and lying down. They are located somewhere between the underframe and the textile cladding, in the form of a spring base and / or upholstery suspension. That means: either the padding lies on the feathers - or it contains them - or both. The feathers themselves can take on quite different shapes.

The spring base: Nosag springs or rubber belts

In most cases, the lower springs are made of corrugated spring steel wires that are stretched across the seat surface. This type of suspension is called nosag or wave suspension.

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Sometimes the sofa manufacturer also uses stretched rubber belts to create a springy surface. Alternatively, spring wood slats are used, flexible wood that can also be found in the bed's slatted frame.

In this way, a good foundation for cozy sitting has been created. But a padded edition is definitely necessary, in which you can really sink well.

The upholstery suspension: The buttery I-icing on the cake

Not always the couch pad feathers in the true sense, many sofas are also equipped with a simple foam paddle nowadays. These were the most advanced upholstery variants to have in different qualities.

Historic sofas and jewels from true handmade still have a laced suspension: jump springs are carefully set to the subfushing and with the help of strings complicated with each other. Height and hardness can be adjusted during the taste.

With much more likely, your couch contains a feather core from bono springs or spring spirals. Here again we have many different qualities and degrees of hardness: It's best to try it out on site in the furniture store!

Which springs should I choose??

The most durable and most comfortable variant is still the laced suspension, but today it is very rare and is usually only available for a high price.

Foam upholstery and innerspring come in different quality levels, so that they cannot be compared across the board. However, foams are generally highly flammable, tend to get moldy and have a much lower weight.

Tips & Tricks Sitting comfort cannot be discussed theoretically, it has to be tested and felt! So go to the furniture store to try it out, but always inquire about the longevity of the respective couch springs.