Bombproof: screw the door frame on

When inserting a new door frame into the wall reveal, screwing the frame is essential. The door frame is firmly anchored to the wall with long, sturdy screws and special dowels. The aligned door frame is fixed in its final position; this position ultimately determines whether the door leaf opens smoothly and closes tightly in daily use. You can find out how to proceed when screwing a door frame in our step-by-step instructions.

  • Frame dowels with screws for the assembly of door frames
  • Impact drill (€ 151.37 at Amazon *)
  • 5mm and 8mm drill bits
  • Wooden or rubber mallet
  • screwdriver
  • Folding rule

1. Align and wedge the door frame

Insert the door frame and align it in the door opening. Use wooden wedges to fix the frame in the reveal. Such wedges are often available in hardware stores as a set with matching frame anchors with screws. Be careful not to put the wedges at the top or bottom in the middle. The wedges may only be set at the top and bottom at the points where the lateral parts of the frame support. Carefully align the door horizontally in all directions.

2. Spread the door frame and check it is seated

Then insert door struts into the frame. Spread the door frame in the lower third, in the middle and in the upper third. Make sure not to "bulge " the door frame outwards. Measure with the folding rule whether the door frame has the same opening dimensions after it has been spread out. Then check the alignment of the door frame again and hit the wedges again with the mallet.

Then hang in the door leaf and check whether the door opens and closes smoothly. The door leaf must not jam or be stiff when the door is closed, the door leaf should be tight and tight against the door frame. When you have made sure of this, remove the door leaf again.

3. Pre-drill the door frame and screw it on

Check the assembly instructions for your door frame to find out how many screws you need for anchoring. Mark the corresponding number of holes evenly spaced on the frame. First pre-drill holes with the 5mm drill, then work with the 8mm drill. Use drills that are long enough. You need a large impact drill with the appropriate drills. Normally you have to use SDS drills in the required length.

Frame dowels are long metal dowels in which the appropriate screw is already inserted. Hit the dowels in with the wooden or rubber mallet.

Tighten the screws. The screw expands the dowel and ensures extremely stable anchoring in the door reveal.