Branglina: Big marital dispute over a minor offense?

The Pitt-Jolie couple are said to have had a mighty row in Australia. The trigger for the big argument is said to have been a cigarette that the actress smoked.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are said to have grieved for the first time since their wedding. The couple was seen arguing wildly on a hotel balcony in Sydney, reported the American magazine InTouch. While he was running wildly gesticulating up and down in front of the 39-year-old, she is said to have been close to tears. The reason for the argument was allegedly a cigarette that Jolie secretly smoked.

'' Brad doesn't like it at all when she smokes, '' an insider reported. Last year, the mother of six had her breasts removed and replaced with silicone pads because she is terrified of cancer. For Pitt this is a total contradiction to the vice of smoking that his wife indulges in from time to time.

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Even one day after the argument, the couple, who only said yes three months ago, are said to have been cool with each other. The 50-year-old accompanied his wife to the premiere of her new film 'Unbroken ', but is said to have met her very distantly. According to another insider, they then left the event separately and even traveled on two different private jets.