New bungalow

After the renewed interest in a bungalow as a residential house, the selection of manufacturers has grown significantly. A new building with a flat or gable roof is offered in square, rectangular and angled shapes. Compared to other house types, a new bungalow is cheap.

Construction costs easily calculable

The comparatively simple static structure of a bungalow makes the architectural effort manageable. Most of the bungalows have a cantilever roof, which means that there are fewer limits to the division of the interior walls. Many bungalow models can be put together in a modular technology that is reminiscent of prefabricated house construction. However, prefabricated houses are no longer recognizable in modern buildings. Alternatively, there are many new solid bungalows on the market.

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The structural effort for a new bungalow without a basement is very manageable. In addition to a floor slab, only the house price needs to be taken into account, which is usually given as a turnkey flat-rate price. Imponderables such as construction law errors, measurement errors, insulation deficiencies or unsuitable building materials are excluded when buying a finished new bungalow.

Construction work for a bungalow

The scope of costs for a new bungalow can be outlined very precisely. Many manufacturers offer bungalows in solid construction for prices between 100 and 200.000 euros. This includes all construction and equipment services that make the bungalow ready for occupancy.

  • Foundation and bottom plate including the necessary earthworks
  • Building drainage
  • Walls and ceilings outside and inside including plaster
  • Roof construction and roofing
  • Windows, windows, exterior doors
  • Screed, tiles or other floor coverings according to equipment
  • Standard heating system (higher-quality heating system
  • Complete water, sanitary and electrical installation

As with new buildings of all house types, bungalow the construction costs are added to the purchase price. Official fees and costs such as land register fee, notary costs, static expert opinions and development requests must be calculated separately.

Bungalow versions

In addition to the classic building forms, the construction of a bungalow today can also be carried out in futuristic designs or southern atria. Exciting architectures, which also incorporate bay windows and a tower into the design, give bungalows the character of a villa or finca.

Tips & Tricks If you only want to use the idea of building a new bungalow, but want to have the construction carried out by another company or with your own contribution, most companies offer detailed project documents for sale.