Build your own bungalow

If you want to build a bungalow yourself, you can reduce the costs well through a high proportion of your own work. In a building without a basement, there are only individual construction steps left that cannot be carried out without a specialist.

Some things have to be done and some things can be done by yourself

The statically relatively simple structure of a bungalow allows a high degree of self-construction with the appropriate skill and experience. There are, however, mostly prescribed by the legislator, work to be carried out by a specialist.

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  • Assembly of load-bearing parts such as ceilings and lintels
  • Erection of the roof structure
  • Electrical installation
  • Gas installation

All other work can generally be carried out by yourself. Some jobs require a lot of experience and professional implementation. If this is not guaranteed, in addition to damage to the bungalow, later problems with insurance and liability can arise.

  • Proper foundation
  • Reinforcement of the floor slab
  • Roofing
  • Water installation
  • Component connections
  • Insulation work

Fields of work and calculation

For building a bungalow yourself, the calculation should be divided into several subject areas.

  • General property costs:
    Costs for purchase, development, surveying, soil appraisal and drainage
  • Building costs:
    Tax, notary fees, architect, fees for permits, insurance, earthworks, sewer, electricity and water connections
  • Building-costs:
    Foundation and floor slab, insulation, masonry work, windows, external doors, roof with covering material, chimney
  • Interior construction:
    Electrical installation, floor coverings including screed, wall cladding or design, heating system, doors, plaster
  • Exterior construction:
    Plaster, rainwater drainage, lightning rod, house base cladding, drainage surface

Construction requirements and purchased third-party services

Depending on the location of the property and the nature of the soil, building requirements can be imposed ex officio. As a result, when building the bungalow yourself, the proportion of work that must be carried out by specialist companies can increase. This applies in particular to sloping properties and moist and loamy soils.

The providers and developers of bungalows have different offers for building your own. The overall planning can be individually adapted according to the client's wishes, previous knowledge and legal plans. In this way, parts of the work can be assigned to the respective executors and extend to the completion of the complete shell of the bungalow.

Tips & Tricks Check the energy efficiency class of your building project when planning and later building it yourself. For bungalows from efficiency class 70, there are subsidies or grants from the KfW Bank. The additional expenses required for insulation or other masonry are offset by the subsidies and your subsequent energy costs are also reduced.