Converting a carport to a garage - you can do that?

Anyone who already has a carport and would like a little more protection for their vehicle could easily cover the exterior walls of the carport. In this article, you can find out what legal consequences this has and what you absolutely have to pay attention to.

Legal consequences of the renovation

If a carport is provided with closed walls, it is no longer a carport, but a garage. For a garage, however, different legal provisions apply than for a so-called "covered parking space", i.e. a carport. In addition, some requirements must be met in order for a garage to be approved at all.

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After permission

If there are no legal obstacles to the conversion (access length, etc.) the building project should usually be able to be approved without any problems. However, should some applicable regulations be violated, it becomes problematic. In any case, discuss the project beforehand with the responsible building authority.

Cladding the walls

There are several ways to cover the walls:

  • Wood cladding
  • solid masonry
  • Sheet metal

Wood cladding

Depending on the size of the carport, this can result in considerable costs. If you don't want to do it yourself, it is best to ask a timber construction company or carpentry company nearby. Wooden cladding should be appropriately protected on the outside.

Additional supports

If necessary, additional supports must be added for the walls. How this can be done in each individual case depends on the local conditions and also on the subsurface under the carport. It is best to ask an experienced carpenter about the best solution - and also about the need for additional supports.

Solid masonry

The main problem here is the foundation. Solid masonry must have a frost-free foundation, which means that a circumferential frost apron is required below the masonry.

Cladding with sheet metal plates

Cladding the existing carport with sturdy sheet metal is the simplest solution. In individual cases, additional supports may also be necessary here.

Tips & Tricks both as cost reasons and for reasons of effort, you should also consider the easy replacement of the carport by a prefabricated garage in this case. The cost of a ready garage is, depending on the design, width and design at between 1.500 and 4.000 Euro (single garage). Compared to cost-intensive conversion, this may be worthwhile.