Chaos in the children's department: This mother is causing a stir

Is this little freaking out by a mother an understandable reaction or far too exaggerated?

We want to teach our children that they can be anything they want. We want them to know that neither boys nor girls are the better, smarter, or stronger people.

But then we stand in the children's department of any clothing manufacturer and clap our hands over our heads. Because while the message on "boys " clothes makes them strong, clever superheroes, it makes our girls little, sparkling, sweet princesses.

From a parental point of view, your patience tends to burst. And not just internally, as mom Katie Hinde proves with an impressive and powerful post on Twitter:

Did I just take a bunch of NASA tank tops from the boys section & put them in the girls section? Yes. Yes I did. / hXHBbaog2W

- Katie Hinde (@Mammals_Suck) Dec. June 2017

I just took some NASA tank tops from the boys 'section and hung them in the girls' section? YES. Yes I have.

Pink unicorns and princesses

Unfortunately, the dominant color in the girls' clothing department is pink. Add a portion of glitter, a unicorn or a princess - and your parents' nightmare is ready. Girls are just as curious, inquisitive and daring as boys. Dinosaurs, space and cars are just as exciting for them as baby animals and princesses. And yet only one side of their interests ends up on clothing.

The message (on shirts or from friends) to little girls is far too often that they are cute, adorable and pretty. But we should let boys and girls alike know that they are smart and strong, that if they really want something, they can achieve it, that they can create and create things on their own.

Sure, a single T-shirt is not crucial when it comes to conveying these values. There is much more to it than raising boys and girls to be independent, confident and strong people. But it's still a start and a small step in the right direction.