Christina Aguilera: There is only a year between these pictures!

Christina Aguilera proudly presented her new character at the American Music Awards. In the past year she still had a few pounds more on her ribs.

Both pictures show Christina Aguilera - and yet they show a completely different woman! The singer has lost a whopping 20 kilos in a very short time. Because it's hard to believe, but there is only a year between the two pictures!

Christina Aguilera beamed on the red carpet at the American Music Awards last weekend. She emphasized her slim body in a skin-tight, white evening dress with sexy cut-outs at the waist. You can literally see the 32-year-old how happy she is with her new body.

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Because just a year ago, Christina made a completely different figure at the same event. The singer was significantly fuller at the time and covered her body under a flowing evening dress with folds. Although she always emphasized at the time that she liked her curves, this does not seem to have been entirely the truth. Why else would she have submitted to such a strict weight loss plan??

According to an insider, Christina Aguilera worked hard on her figure with exercise and a strict diet over the past year. He reported to 'Yahoo ': "Your diet plan included very small portions and very strenuous strength training with very short units that were, however, often repeated. Dairy products and carbohydrates were prohibited. The agenda included lots of coconut water, herbal teas, tofu, celery, oily fish and cheese. But the real key to that was the five hand-sized servings a day."