Combine crop-tops: this way you can even slim your belly!

Belly free through the summer? For many a horror idea. The bare-bump look can even make you slim. We'll show you how to combine crop tops.

Belly free. In the nineties that still meant: mini-top, hipster jeans and nothing in between - a clear view of the navel! For several seasons, tummy shows has been back in fashion, but in the 'slimmed down' version. Because those who are now following the bare-bump trend no longer have to expose their entire core, but only show a narrow strip of bare skin.

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Who is belly-free fashion??

Sure, outfits with crop tops look great on slim, well-trained women. But: The great thing about the modern belly-free style is that women don't necessarily have to have a six-pack. Because in the right combination, the look even makes you slim, even if you don't have model dimensions!
The secret lies in the combination of a short top, a so-called 'crop top ' that reaches below the chest and a skirt cut to the waist or high-waisted trousers.

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The interplay of the lengths creates a small gap in the upper abdomen. For many women, this area is particularly slim and is perfectly accentuated by the bare-bump look. The lower abdomen, which is one of the problem areas for many ladies, is also concealed. The belly-free style looks even more beautiful when the skin is tanned.

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Belly-free trend: These are the DON 'TS

Unfortunately, it is the same as with all trends: the cropped look does not suit every woman either. The style becomes difficult when the bust size is very lush. Because this means that the short crop tops do not sit ideally and slide upwards. Tip: Put a longer-cut lace bustier or a longline bra under your crop top.B. shop at NA-KD *). That may glimpse something out here and there.

Also important: ALWAYS combine trousers or pants with a crop top. a skirt with a high waist cut. Between your pants or. Skirts and your top should not show more than a hand's breadth of skin - it is optimal if the waistband of the pants / skirt covers the navel.

Make sure that your skirt is not too short or that it shows too much skin. And hold back with the rest of the outfit. Mini skirt + crop top + high heels are just too much and look anything but stylish.