Roof snow guard - what options are there?

If snow begins to slide on the pitched roof, people or parked cars can quickly be in danger. A snow guard on the roof helps to avoid this. Read here what options you have, where you can get such a snow skirt and what it costs.

Snow guard: hook or grid

You have a total of three options to prevent snow from sliding off. However, in terms of effectiveness, possible disadvantages and costs, these options for your individual roof can vary

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This is how you can prevent the snow from sliding

  • by snow catcher
  • through snow guard or
  • occasionally also through snow guards, which fulfill the same function as snow guards

Compared to bars and pipes, hooks have an important advantage: They do not allow icicles to form. Icicles pose another important danger, especially in the thaw. Hooks reliably prevent this.

Snow guard hooks are usually only hung into the respective roof tiles. Installation density and distribution depend on the roof pitch, roof area and the so-called regular snow load, as defined by DIN.

Further requirements can also be found in DIN 1055-5. The assembly should generally be carried out by a specialist, even if hanging is quite easy.

Snow guards are usually screwed to the battens on the roof using holding devices.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • The manufacturer offers snow stoppers from its own production in its shop
  • This manufacturer also has snow stoppers from their own production
  • The manufacturer of roof tiles also offers different snow guard systems.

Prices for snow guards

The prices for the hooks are relatively cheap - from around 2 EUR they are available individually, in larger quantities sometimes even less. The total price is of course based on the required installation density, here the hooks can then be significantly more expensive in total than grids or pipes.

How to drive cheaper

In any case, compare the prices of the different systems and always look at the total costs for the respective system.

It is best to ask your roofer for his recommendation. Not everything makes sense on every roof.

Tips & Tricks Also pay attention to what you can mount on your roof: sometimes storm clips or certain roof tiles can exclude snow guard hooks from the outset.