Green roofs - extensive or intensive?

The vast majority of green roofs today are extensive. The reasons for this and the difference between extensive and intensive greening can be found in this article.

Extensive versus intensive greening

Extensive green roofs are the rule in our latitudes - more than 80% of all green roofs are greened extensively, only a small number of green roofs have intensive greening.

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The difference between the two forms lies in the soil structure: with intensive green roofs, a regular soil structure is used as in nature, while with extensive green roofs only a suitable substrate is used.

The plants that can be used with both forms are correspondingly different: with intensive greening, the planting can be chosen practically freely, with extensive greening the planting is limited to mosses, succulents, some grasses and a few bulbous plants.

Differences in intensive greening

  • more complicated, more complex and more expensive roof structure
  • higher load capacity necessary
  • free choice of plants
  • better climate compensation through the green roof

The climate advantage with intensive greening

The climate advantage and the cooling of the living space are of course significantly higher with intensive greening than with extensive greening. This is due to the different floor structure.

You have to decide for yourself to what extent this advantage actually outweighs the significantly higher costs for intensive greening. However, you can also use a promotion for roof greening in some residential and settlement areas.

Financial support in some areas

The promotions are not uniform in Germany, usually the maximum funding amount is around 50% of the total cost of roof structure and greening. So you still have to wear around half of the costs even more preferably.

Tips & Tricks If you have a flat roof, consider whether you do not connect the greenery equal to a roof garden with sufficient load capacity - so you have an additional green area that allows a great view.