Roof coating - the experience of the homeowner

With a roof coating, the roofing is first cleaned thoroughly and then coated with a special acrylic-based product. This creates a dirt-repellent surface again and the roof should look like new again, at least visually.

Product and care are decisive

As homeowners' experiences have shown, there seem to be major differences in the products that are used to coat roofs. Some flake off shortly after the coating.

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But it is also important to be careful when cleaning the roof. Unfortunately, this must be made absolutely grease-free and clean with harsh chemical cleaners.

Otherwise the roof coating will not last longer than one winter. Then it cracks and gradually trickles into the gutter.

Commission well-known companies

The experiences of the various homeowners who have commissioned a roof coating show one thing above all: be careful with door-to-door sales!

Above all, old roof coatings, which were carried out on site by reliable companies, are still beautiful after some twenty years. These coatings do not seem to peel off, which sometimes happens with newer coatings after the first frost.

Traveling provider rather dubious

Of course, there are cheap unknown providers who do their job carefully and well. Finding just this is almost impossible. The local companies have sufficient references that can actually be verified.

You can no longer prosecute third-party companies after the first damage, which often occurs after the winter. They have either already filed for bankruptcy or have simply disappeared from the scene.

Important aspects in brief

Here we show what you should pay attention to if you want to have a roof coating carried out. So you can benefit from the experience of other homeowners in terms of roof coating.

  • Commission a well-known company
  • Use selected products
  • Careful roof cleaning
  • Careful coating
  • Pay attention to the season when applying the coating
Tips & Tricks Listen to the weather report before making an appointment for the coating. When the sun is shining, the roof can dry better and faster after thorough cleaning. This is extremely important for the application of the coating.