Cool top floor apartment: This is how you survive the summer heat

In summer, attic apartments are truly like a sauna. So what to do? Here are the best anti-heat tips to keep your top floor apartment cool.

"The advantage of an attic apartment in summer: You can throw minced meat in the air and catch meatballs."Anyone who lives or has lived in an attic apartment can probably hardly laugh at such sayings.
Because as soon as temperatures reach 30 degrees in summer, it becomes unbearably hot in apartments under the roof. Room temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius are no longer uncommon. Lying relaxed on the couch, let alone sleeping? Nothing!

But what can you do about the summer heat?? Moving out is usually not an option given the apartment location. Here are some tips and tricks against the summer heat in attic apartments.

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Ventilate the right way!

To keep an attic apartment as cool as possible, you shouldn't let the heat come in at all. So if it is warmer outside than inside, then you should definitely keep the windows closed and refrain from ventilating. Otherwise, the warm air penetrates from outside to the inside.

In summer you should only ventilate in the early morning (the air is particularly cool in the morning between 5 and 6 o'clock) or late in the evening or in the evening. at night when the outside temperature has cooled down a little. Important: Provides a good draft when airing. Ventilation is of little use if you open the windows but close all the doors.

Darken rooms during the day

The problem with attic apartments: They rarely have roller blinds or other sun protection on the windows. As a result, the sun's rays hit the window panes from outside and heat up the apartment extremely. For this reason, you should close all existing blinds and darken all rooms during the day.

If you do not have sun protection blinds, you should first speak to the landlord and ask them to have external blinds or heat protection awnings installed. An alternative to blinds are thermal blinds that are installed inside. Self-adhesive films (shop at Amazon) can also keep the sun out.

Moist cloths keep the air cool

Another way to keep your top floor apartment cool is to hang up damp sheets or towels (put them in the water and wring them out well). When drying the sheets or. Cloths remove heat from the air and cool the environment. One also speaks of evaporative cooling.

It is best to hang the towels or sheets in the middle of the room. In addition, you can use a fan (e.g.B. from Amazon) so that it gently blows on the cloths from a distance. The fan ensures that the dry air is transported away faster.
By the way, textiles made of cotton or terry towels are best because they stay cool for a particularly long time.
But be careful: it's best to put towels on the floor, as the sheets can drip and damage the wooden floor or laminate.

Ban carpets from the apartment

Carpets are super cozy in winter, rather unsuitable in summer. Because carpets store heat, which makes it more difficult for apartments to cool down. Loose carpets should therefore be put away in summer.

How to keep your bathroom cool:

Top floor apartment and not even a window in the bathroom? We have the solution. If it is unbearably warm in the bathroom at the moment, fill your bathtub with ice-cold (!) Water. This keeps the bathroom nice and cool.
If you don't have a bathtub, you can set up bowls filled with ice cubes. Of course, this also applies to the rest of the rooms.

Fans ensure good air circulation

Even if fans or air coolers cannot cool down attic apartments, they at least provide a little cooling in the heat. We also perceive the air flow of the fan as pleasantly cool, even if the fan actually only swirls the warm air around. This is also due to the evaporative cooling principle described above.

Switch off electrical device

Electrical devices such as televisions, computers, dishwashers or ovens (even in stand-by mode) provide additional warmth in your attic apartment. In the event of a heat wave in summer, switch off all devices that you do not need (such as.B. the tumble dryer) and only the ones that you actually use (such as.B. the refrigerator).
Luminaires also give off heat. It is therefore best to use LED lamps. And the same applies to cooking: try to produce as little heat as possible. Switching on the extractor hood is also particularly useful in summer, as it transports the warm cooking air outside.

Mobile air conditioning: the solution when nothing else helps

Top floor apartments rarely have air conditioning and rented apartments cannot even have such an air conditioning installed. The solution: mobile air conditioning systems. Unfortunately, they are not really cheap. In addition, the warm air must be conveyed outside through an exhaust hose. This usually happens through a gap in the window.

Another drawback: Mobile air conditioners are not exactly energy-friendly and consume a relatively large amount of electricity.

There is a large selection of mobile air conditioning units here on Amazon.