Roof battens lengths - standard and special orders

Roof battens are now also available in hardware stores in several lengths. Everything that goes beyond that has to be bought in specialist wood shops and, under certain circumstances, ordered there too. We show here which lengths are available.

Standard lengths

The usual lengths of roof battens in most hardware stores only go up to four meters. The available length also depends on the cross-section of the roof batten. Some cross-sections are available from a length of 1.35 meters.

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  • 2 metres
  • 2.50 meters
  • 3.00 meters
  • 4.00 meters

Other common lengths of battens

In the professional timber trade, roof battens according to DIN standard 4074 Part 1 are often offered in a certain sort.

This means that in a specified area, for example, from 1.35 to 4.50 meters of roof battens are evenly distributed in all lengths in a package of ten roof battens.

  • 4.50 meters
  • 5.00 meters
  • 6.00 meters

Determine the most favorable length

Even if the sorted lengths are of course a bit cheaper, you often don't need all of these lengths and then you have expensive waste.

You should measure carefully and think a little about how you can best attach this crossbar in order to be able to buy the shortest possible lengths.

Be careful when saving

The DIN standard 4074, which is specially set up for roof battens, also states that the roof battens may only contain a residual moisture of 20 percent. Since wood can crack when drying, you should absolutely pay attention to this regulation and, if necessary, measure yourself briefly with a moisture meter.

Tips & Tricks Even if everyone wants to save, of course, you should always pay attention to the correct DIN standard with a roof batten.

Normal inexpensive battens may not be used for the construction of a roof. These may have too many knots that can later lead to problems with stability.