roof batten spacing - so he is determined

The roof slats must support and hold the roof tiles. Therefore, your distance must be determined exactly and always stay the same over the entire length of the roof. How to find out the right distance, we show here.

Distance of the roof slats

Fortunately, most manufacturers give their buyers accurate information with the hand, which roofing distance require special roof tiles.

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The easiest way for attaching the roof slats are naturally roof tiles or stews that offer a small room and do not already take tiny mistakes.

Roof tile from clay

The company Braas, for example, recommends the following distances between the roof slats.

  • Ruby 9 V - 370 to 400 millimeters
  • Rubin 11 V - 338 to 370 millimeters
  • Ruby 15 - 330 to 336 millimeters

You can already see the differences in the size of the scope quite well. While a roof tile still offers 3 centimeters of scope, another is only 0.6 centimeter game.


For profiled Dachsteinen, the following slatting distance is recommended depending on the roof pitch.

  • Tilt below 22 degrees distance 312 - 320 millimeters
  • Tilt from 22 degrees distance 312 - 335 millimeters
  • Tilt from 30 degrees distance 312 - 345 millimeters

TEGALIT smooth stones

  • Tilt below 25 degrees distance 312 - 315 millimeters
  • Tilt from 25 degrees distance 312 - 325 millimeters
  • Tilt from 35 degrees distance 312 - 340 millimeters


The upper edges of the latitude must be exactly parallel to each other. There must be no deviations at the distance when the roof slats are attached.

Tool for attachment in the correct distance

That's why you should build a small auxiliary tool, a so-called Lattenknecht. This is a latte that is about twenty centimeters longer than the distance between the two slats. This nails in the middle of a lath that corresponds exactly to the slatting distance.

So that this construction keeps well, a small piece of wood is each up and down, at a distance of a slatted strength to the middle piece of wood.

This slatted pitch is then hanging on the two slats and simply pushes him with the slats in the nailing of the slats. Who likes it comfortable, can screw on a wide handle.

Tips & Tricks also pay attention to the right distance of the roof slats to the gutter and the first. These are also quite different depending on the roof tile or Dachstein.