roof pans - which species are there?

You must first differ in roof tiles made of clay and artificial stones made of concrete. In these two main groups there are still numerous types of roof pans, each suitable for specific purposes and roof tags.

Roof pans - two main types

Burned roof tiles from the natural raw material sound are often referred to as roof pans, but then the artificially generated stones from concrete are forgotten.

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In terms of their appearance and their use on the roof, they are just as good as the natural clay roof tiles. In some areas they even have advantages, as they are often a bit more robust than a clay roof tile.

The two main types of roof tiles

  • Clay roof tiles
  • Concrete roof tiles

Natural material - clay roof tiles

When it comes to roof tiles made of clay, there is still a distinction between folded and unfolded tiles. The folded version is more waterproof, even with low roof slopes.

Some roof tiles are folded several times and therefore fit together absolutely securely. According to the manufacturer, they can even be installed on flat roofs with a roof pitch of seven degrees or more.

Clay roof tiles with palatinate

  • Reform brick
  • Interlocking tile
  • Double groove interlocking tile
  • Flat roof tiles
  • Hollow interlocking tile
  • Romanesque brick

Robust and durable - concrete roof tiles

Concrete roof tiles used to be significantly more frost-proof than clay roof tiles, but this has largely become the same for most species. They are a bit more robust and durable, but usually no longer heavier than clay roof tiles. The prices are also often similar, so it is purely a question of appearance which type of roof tile you prefer.

Popular concrete roof tiles

The Tegalit smooth pan has to be particularly emphasized between these concrete roof tiles with a very classic look. It is particularly modern and fits all modern buildings, such as architect houses.

  • Tegalit smooth pan
  • Frankfurt pan
  • Taunus pan
  • Harz pan
Tips & Tricks Basically, the choice between the individual types of roof tiles is now almost only a question of appearance. Depending on the roof pitch, there is a large selection of both types of roof tiles, which apart from the material hardly show any differences.

For your own construction, you can choose between roof tiles and roof tiles according to your taste.