Roof tile coating - this investment is worth it?

Today, roof tile coatings are offered everywhere, which are supposed to extend the life of the roof over the long term. In addition, the roof should look like new after a coating. But as a homeowner you should check whether this investment is actually worthwhile.

What is a roof tile coating??

The roof is first cleaned thoroughly. In addition, all damage should be repaired. The roof is then completely sealed with a coating.

So much for the theory, but the coating only seals the surface of the individual roof tiles. At the same time, however, the roof tiles are also glued together, since the joint areas cannot of course be left out during the coating.

Advantages and disadvantages of a roof tile coating

While unfortunately we don't need a list for the benefits of a roof tile coating, as the only benefit is the improved new look of the roof, there are a number of disadvantages, starting with the price.

  • High costs
  • Rainproofness of the roof is changed
  • Environmentally harmful detergents and coatings
  • Fire protection is impaired
  • High workload / scaffolding required
  • Coating suffers from frost

Coating cost

In the best-case scenario, the coating compound for the roof tiles alone costs from 90 euros for around 10 to 15 square meters. To do this, you have to factor in the cleaning of the roof. Most coating manufacturers recommend dry cleaning, which is an additional cost.

A scaffold should also be provided for coating and cleaning. Even with a very good, high extension ladder, you cannot safely reach all places. The idea of many do-it-yourselfers to rappel down on the roof is also absolutely not recommended.

Flaking of the coating due to frost

It is true that a perfect coating would not cause frost damage. But these occur all the time. Therefore, after the first real winter, most roofs look a bit pockmarked.

our recommendation

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33.60 EUR To the product Tips & Tricks If you put all the costs together and consider the disadvantages, an inexpensive new roofing can sometimes even cost less than a roof tile coating. Therefore, you should obtain a number of offers at the same time for a new roofing when considering a coating.