Descaling the steam ironing station - this is the easiest way to do it

The fact that you have to decalcify the ironing station is usually clearly noticeable. How you can tell that descaling is necessary, what work the descaling functions can do and how to descale by hand can be read in this article.

Descaling function

Limescale deposits inside the steam generator iron cannot be avoided. This is because there is always lime in tap water, which is deposited when the water is heated. In contrast, it remains largely dissolved in cold water.

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The device manufacturers also know this and have built an automatic descaler into many devices. This is usually a lime filter that filters out the lime, automatically diverts it and collects the deposits.

Descaling devices with automatic descaling

With all these devices, only the lime collector needs to be emptied and cleaned regularly. Depending on the manufacturer, the collector is located in different places, when cleaning is necessary and how to remove it is stated in the operating instructions for the respective device.

Occasionally, cartridges also need to be replaced. Whether and how often this is necessary depends on the technology used. Information on this must also be found in the operating instructions for the individual device.

Manual descaling step by step

  • Ironing station
  • Descaler (vinegar essence, citric acid, descaling agent from the drugstore)

1. Empty the tank

Completely empty the ironing station tank until there is no more water in it.

2. Pour in the descaling agent

Mix and add the descaling agent according to the manufacturer's instructions.

3. cleaning

Operate the steam function until the tank is empty.

4th. do the washing up

At the end of the cleaning process, rinse the tank again thoroughly with clear water. This also removes the residues of the decalcifying agent. If possible, this step should not be skipped.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions

Always pay attention to what the manufacturer recommends:

  • how often you need to descale
  • how to descale
  • what agents you must / may use to descale

In particular, be careful with home remedies. Strong acids such as vinegar essence or citric acid can also attack parts of the device if they are too concentrated.

Tips & Tricks In general, you can effectively prevent calcification by using distilled water. However, not all devices may be filled with distilled water. Pay attention to the manufacturer's specifications. This also applies to steam irons.