Steam cleaner for the bathroom: where to use it

Steam cleaners are among the newer cleaning devices. The application promises many advantages and a much more effortless cleaning than conventional cleaning methods. This article will tell you where you can use a steam cleaner in the bathroom and how well it works.

Types of steam cleaners

Steam cleaners are available in different versions:

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  • as hand steam devices
  • than large steam devices
  • as a steam broom and
  • Steam vacuum cleaner

For floors and tiles you need a large steam device, for smaller areas such as sinks and fittings as well as for glass and mirror surfaces you work with smaller devices. So that you don't have to buy both, larger devices also offer different attachments on the hose so that smaller areas can also be cleaned effortlessly.

You can use the steam cleaner in the bathroom for:

  • the floor tiles
  • the wall tiles
  • Wash basins and faucets
  • the shower walls and mirrors
  • the toilet

Floor tiles

For floor tiles you need a large steam cleaner or steam broom. The dirt is loosened by the hot steam and taken up by a cloth. The tile joints are also clean, you can clean them even more thoroughly with a small brush attachment.

Wall tiles

The wall tiles can also be cleaned with the floor attachment, and the joints in this area are also processed in a similar way. Of course you can also use steam vacuum cleaners. They first loosen the dirt through the steam and the pressure, and then suck it up, while conventional steam cleaners pick up the loosened dirt via a cloth.

Wash basins and faucets

Small brush attachments are used here. Small appliances can be used here (afterwards wipe dry) or the small brush attachments of the steam vacuum cleaner.

Shower walls and mirrors

Steam cleaners are particularly suitable for glass surfaces and smooth surfaces. The hot steam loosens dirt very well, after which it is picked up cleanly. Cleaning with special steam devices for windows is also possible.


The inside of the toilet must be cleaned in the conventional way. The toilet seat and rim can certainly be steamed. You should also use the small attachments or hand tools for this.

Effectiveness of steam cleaners

A few years ago, Stiftung Warentest extensively tested steam cleaners for their cleaning effect and for the cleaning promise. The result was that no device tested could actually fully achieve the promised effect.

The germ load can only be reduced by steaming individual areas for minutes; the cleaning results were not very satisfactory. Tiles were not particularly clean, tile joints remained partially dirty.

Tips & Tricks Before you buy a steam cleaner, you should definitely have the opportunity to test whether you are actually satisfied with the cleaning result. In many cases you will have to cut back on this.