Thank you, Lorelai! 15 life wisdoms every TRUE fan learned from the Gilmore Girls

Yeah, the Gilmore Girls are back! Finally we can participate in the life of Rory and Lorelai again and master big and small crises with them. But already in the 7 seasons before, we could learn a lot from the series for life.

On the 25th. November the time had finally come: Our beloved Gilmore Girls Lorelai and Rory returned to our screens with 'A Year in the Life '. And while doing this, of course, we also remember the seven previous seasons, in which we were allowed to laugh, cry and curse with the two of them. They were beautiful, these 153 episodes - and also so instructive!

Because while the girls have grown up, they have circumnavigated many a near-disaster, broken many hearts and had great conversations with arguably the craziest villagers in the world. And that's exactly why they taught us so much.

1. Everything is better with coffee!

Everyone needs a coffee supplier like Luke. Because not only the Gilmore Girls have an immense coffee consumption, our coffee consumption has also increased rapidly since the first episode. So it's good when you can go to a café you trust.


2. Eating can also be a sport

In addition to liters of coffee, one thing in particular ensures that Lorelai and Rory can stand up: the food. Pizza, burgers and donuts are of course preferable to any healthy salad.

3. You should never give up dreams

Lorelai has long dreamed of opening her own hotel. Rory really wants to be a journalist. No matter what obstacle is placed in their way, they still manage to never lose sight of their goal, because they believe in their dreams.

4th. Be yourself - always and everywhere

The Gilmore Girls don't bend for anyone, nor do they try to bend others. Be it the weird Kirk with his 1.000 Jobs or the pedantic Taylor Doosie, who seems to hold every public office in town. All of these unique people are lovable in their weird way.


5. Have your own style

Be yourself and show it to the outside world. Luke wears a flannel shirt and baseball cap all seven seasons and doesn't care whether others like it or not.

6th. Dare you more!

If you have a passion or a dream, dare to take risks to make everything possible. Rory's best friend Lane loves rock music and follows her passion even when her religious mother disapproves of it. Temporary, because at some point Mrs. Kim that her daughter is passionate about music.

7th. Quick, quicker, Gilmore

Talking fast saves so much time! In addition, it always gives you a head start when you have something unpleasant to say. Before the other person has even understood everything, you can get out of the field.


8th. Without mom? No thanks!

Of course, it is sometimes difficult with mom - but even more difficult without mom! No matter how broken the relationship between Lorelai and her mother Emily is at the beginning of the series and even if the two keep getting into each other's hair, Lorelai can't do without mom either.

9. Just laugh at yourself

The coffee is cold, the bus doesn't come again and the men 's not going well either? There is only one thing left to do: laugh at yourself. With the right sense of humor, life is a lot easier and the Gilmore Girls showed us that rain is always followed by sunshine.

10. You learn from mistakes

Nobody is infallible, not even a Lorelai or a Rory Gilmore. But instead of burying their heads in the sand after a debacle, the girls take their time and analyze what went wrong. Rory quits university because someone tells her she can't do it, but then works that much harder and achieves her goals.


11. Love is always complicated

Regardless of whether Rory is falling in love for the first time or Lorelai doesn't know which of the many men to choose, there are simply no instructions for love. It is mostly wonderful, sometimes disappointing, but never boring.

12. First impressions can be deceptive

When Rory gets to know Paris, she is anything but impressed by the annoying, ambitious and difficult to deal with Paris. But Paris challenges Rory and tickles the best performance out of her. Both benefit from the competition and in the end even become something like best friends.

13. Celebrate life!

When it comes to parties, hardly anyone can fool the Gilmore Girls. Rory's birthdays were spectacular throughout her life - one of her children's birthdays even had to be broken up by the police. The Gilmore Girls just know how to party and have a great time with friends and even family.


14th. One should be honest with friends

Lane and Rory have been best friends since kindergarten. But when Rory falls in love with Dean, spends a lot of time with him and hardly any time with Lane, Lane can tell her that. Even if the truth is uncomfortable and maybe a bit hurtful at first, it won't break a real friendship.

15th. The future always has surprises in store for you

The Gilmore Girls' glass is always half full - not to be confused with the coffee cup, it can never be full enough. And that's exactly why the series is not just after the 7. Season over, but we can be part of Lorelai and Rory's life again afterwards.

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