The iron sticks? It'll be clean again!

Sometimes residues of ironed material remain on the soleplate of the iron, and in some cases sticky dirt also builds up. Then the iron starts to stick the next time it is used, which in the worst case leads to soiling of the textiles to be ironed. This effect can be prevented: We will introduce you to several cleaning methods.

Clean the soleplate of the iron

In most cases, a sticky iron can be cleaned relatively easily with a cleaning stone for ceramic and ceramic. It doesn't matter whether the sole is made of steel or ceramic, both materials are usually cleaned again.

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The cleaning stone is available in the drugstore or on the Internet and costs only a few euros. The material equipped with micro-pearls is first moistened so that it loosens and then spread over the soleplate of the iron with a damp cloth.

After cleaning the adhesive iron, you should completely remove the residues of the cleaning stone with clear water. After drying, the device is ready for use again and will usually no longer stick.

Old home remedy for sticky residues on the iron

Another method of thoroughly removing glue and dirt from the soleplate of the iron can be found in grandmother's recipe book. In the old days the problem was solved as follows:

  • Wrap an old candle in a cotton cloth.
  • Heat the soleplate of the iron.
  • Iron the wrapped candle several times with the stuck iron.
  • You may now wipe the iron on a clean cloth: done!

Other old home remedies are also definitely worth trying. For example, some "old bunnies" rub their sticky irons with table salt sprinkled on cotton wool or they use toothpaste for cleaning and polishing.

Tips & Tricks Oven spray can also be useful against a sticky iron. Spray the substance on the lukewarm sole and polish the surface thoroughly.