The iron makes brown spots - what to do?

An elderly iron sometimes causes problems, especially when dirt has accumulated inside. Then no clean water comes out of the nozzles, but yellowish or brown. Brown spots on the clothes can be the result, mostly these do not release themselves so easily. How does this phenomenon come about and what can be done about it?

How are the brown stains from the iron?

In every iron, lime collects, sometimes more, sometimes less fast. Only regular descaling can keep the device working properly in the long term, the iron is heated up and vigorously evaporated.

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Descaling is best done over the sink. The use of special decalcifying agents from the drugstore is recommended when it comes to stubborn calcifications.

Too often, however, limescale remains in the iron. If you then iron with too little water, this lime burns and turns brown in the process. Parts of this pollution dissolve in the heated water and get onto the clothing.

How can you avoid brown ironing stains??

Brown stains from the iron can be avoided with a little care by regular descaling, and the water level when ironing should always be above the minimum level. If your device is already dirty on the inside, proceed as follows:

  • Pour water and descaler into the iron
  • put on medium heat
  • Let the iron rest upright
  • leave on for several minutes
  • Shake the iron and empty it
  • do the whole thing several times
  • Finally, rinse the container thoroughly with clear water

Finally, rinse the nozzles of your iron vigorously by emitting hot steam several times over the sink. Your device should now be cleaned and the staining will come to an end.

Clean the soleplate of the iron

If contaminants are still contaminated on the sole of their iron, set it into a vinegar of soaked kitchen paper in the cooled and switched-off state. After a few hours you can wipe all dirt.

Tips & Tricks As an alternative to the chemical descaler, simple home remedies such as citric acid and vinegar essence are also suitable as an addition to the water. The descaling takes place in the same way as indicated above.