Brick the balcony railing yourself - 3 important tips

A brick balcony parapet is often not ideal, as this type of work is somewhat prone to errors. Above all, the drainage must be considered before starting work. In addition, the balcony floor should have a good slope. Here we show you what else you have to pay attention to if you want to wall a balcony railing yourself.

1. drainage

With a brick balcony railing, a single process is often not sufficient. The wall is then constantly in the water below, which is very annoying to it in the long run. The parapet can then be damaged by frost. Pay attention to the sealing of the wall to the ground. This is where the water collects, so you should work generously with silicone.

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2. Floor and slope

The slope of the balcony floor should be checked again before starting work. If it is too small, it should be worked up with self-leveling screed. If something is being done on the floor anyway, you can work in the drains on the balcony parapet right away.

3. Selection of stones for the balcony parapet

Many do-it-yourselfers like to use Ytong or comparable aerated concrete blocks, as these are very easy to cut and work with. But these stones must be accurately plastered and sealed. The smallest gap where an aerated concrete block is exposed will pull moisture into the wall. The first frost then does the rest and blows away the entire wall in the end.

Fired bricks or clinker that no longer need to be sealed are therefore better. Sand-lime brick can also work, but should still be painted in such an exposed area as it absorbs dirt very easily.

Tips & Tricks From a price point of view, a stainless steel railing is certainly more expensive than a masonry balustrade, but it is sure to last a lifetime. A simple wooden railing would hardly be more expensive than the masonry parapet, but it is much easier to build and maintain.