This is what the energy efficiency classes mean for the freezer

The decision to buy a freezer does not only depend on the price. The device should consume little electricity so that the follow-up costs remain manageable. The energy efficiency classes are an aid to decision-making. They are constantly being adapted to new standards.

Energy efficiency classes for freezers

For freezers, the energy efficiency classes were recently divided into grades from A +++ to G. For the individual classes, the values for electricity consumption per year, the volume of the freezer and its operating volume are decisive.

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Validity of the energy efficiency classes

  • from 1994 to 2003: classes A to G
  • from 2003 to 2010: classes A ++ to G
  • from 2010 to today: A +++ to G
  • from 2020: A to G

Letters and colors of the individual classes

The so-called energy labels for appliances in the household contain a letter indicating the energy consumption. The letter A stands for the lowest consumption. The higher the consumption, the further the letter in the alphabet. On the energy label, the highest energy consumption is shown by the letter G. For the sake of simplicity, the letters on the label are marked in different colors. The A is dark green. Red was assigned to the G. The other energy classes with their letters have color gradations in between.

Fictitious comparison devices

The devices can only be compared with one another within their own product category. For example, freezers cannot be compared to washing machines. A reference device therefore had to be determined for a comparison in the own product family. It is a fictional device with the average values from all technical data. All devices from the same category are then compared with it. The evaluation of the individual comparison values then results in the classification in a certain energy efficiency class. The label is awarded accordingly.

Tips & Tricks Before making a purchase decision, don't just consider the energy label. There are differences between the devices, which all have a specific label. You can find out about the susceptibility to repair and service life from test results on the Internet. Ecological aspects in production can also influence the purchase decision.