Renewing GelCoat does not always make sense

Unlike conventional coating, prior to renewing the gel coat must be checked exactly to what extent it has connected to the fiber-reinforced plastic. Both materials form a homogeneous body, often corresponds to renewing only a placing a new layer that does not eliminate any structural damage.

Power and elasticity

GelCoat goes, the right processing assumes always a mutual relationship with the fiber-reinforced plastic it covered. While gel coat can be renewed on garden furniture or other household items without immediate power of force usually by simply grinding and new h, the boat hull is not as easy.

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Damage to the GelCoat, which leads to the desire of renewing, usually arise in cooperation with the underground. Typical damage formations are created from different elasticities. If the substrate has a stronger elasticity than the gel coat, it is inevitable to crack. When renewing, this cause must be excluded by adjusting the elasticity values.

Osmosis, sources and renovation

Another major cause of damage to the gel coat on ships and boats is the effect of osmosis. The constant watering and the resulting moisture molecules grab both the gel coat and the plastic underneath. A leaching of the resin leads to a soft and loss of the stability of both materials.

In addition, the source behavior of the fiber-reinforced plastic, which in turn carries the tearing of the gel coat. The osmotic process is from a certain operating time of a boat, and restricted even in motorhops, no longer prevent. Mostly only a few years use by renewing the gel coat can be achieved.

Be sure to check is the static state of the entire hull. A complete renovation is worthwhile only in a few cases and must be carried out by a specialist company. The prices for renewing or rehabilitation of an osmoschaden are between thousand and 1500 euros per boat meter only for the, underwater, trunk part.

Tips & Tricks If you have craftsmanship with the factory and additives that have fiber-reinforced plastics and gel coat, including additives and hardener, you can reprecipitate by making the boat bolt sandblasting.