The freezer compartment is iced up - this is how you can defrost it very easily

The freezer compartment is the ideal size for the single household. It can hold a manageable amount of frozen food and, thanks to its small volume, is easy to de-ice and clean. Good care extends the life of the device

Deicing made easy

Before defrosting, remove the food from the compartment. The cooling device must be switched off. You can easily get rid of the layers of ice on the inside walls of the freezer compartment. Put a pot of hot water in the compartment and then seal it. The thawing process begins. Remove the defrosted water with wipes. Once the ice has completely thawed, clean the freezer compartment with mild detergents. The compartment should then be thoroughly rubbed dry. Otherwise, residual moisture from cleaning will quickly freeze again to form a new, fine layer of ice on the inner walls.

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Advantages of the freezer in the refrigerator

  • saves space in small kitchens
  • cheaper to buy than freezer
  • short distances in the kitchen, as all food is in one refrigerator
  • good overview and therefore less spoiled frozen food
  • can be defrosted and cleaned quickly

Keep the freezer compartment free of ice

The freezer compartment stays ice-free longer if warm air and little humidity get into it as rarely as possible. Moist food packaging creates a high level of humidity in the compartment. They should be dried off before putting them in the compartment. Warm air causes condensation to form in the freezer compartment, which settles on the walls and forms ice there. The door of the freezer compartment should therefore only be opened briefly. Warm food must be cooled down to refrigerator temperature before it is frozen. If they are still too warm, they also promote ice formation in the freezer compartment.

Tips & Tricks In addition to the freezer in the basement, a combination refrigerator with freezer compartment in the kitchen can be useful. While food is stored in the freezer, the freezer compartment stores herbs and similar foods that are used every day in the kitchen.