That costs a bathing »,

The times when the bathroom was reduced to the place of body hygiene are long over. Flooded light, equipped with shapely and yet functional objects and appealing tiles, the bathroom becomes a place in the house where you like to stay. One can say that bathing is needed about every 20 to 25 years. It is one of the most elaborant renovation work in the house. Therefore, you should inform yourself about the costs and compare offers.

What measures must be carried out?

The existing objects must be dismantled and the old tiles are dropped. For bargain hunters, this is an opportunity to do it yourself and save some of the costs in this way. However, it is a heavy and dirty job, one has to be aware of that. The installation of the new objects and the laying of the new tiles should be left to a specialist in any case, if only because of possible warranty claims. Professional craft businesses can be found on the Internet. But word-of-mouth propaganda is still used today, especially among craftsmen. In addition to searching the Internet, you should definitely ask around friends and acquaintances and ask for reliable companies to be named.

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Price comparison for bathroom renovation

Very good cost comparison calculators for bathroom renovation can be found on the Internet. But caution is advised, just like when comparing the offers of the craftsmen, large differences in quality must be observed. You can choose a bathtub for 150.00 euros, but there are models that are much more expensive. There is also an abundance of different options for showers, toilets and fittings. If you assume medium quality and want to renovate your bathroom in such a way that the prices are within reasonable limits, you can expect around 5000.00 euros for the objects and fittings with simple to medium equipment including the installation. Then there are the costs for the disposal of the dismantled objects. Another cost factor are the tiles, here you can estimate around 100.00 euros per m² including the laying.