This happens if you don't clean your gas heater

Soot is produced every time it is burned, including within the gas heater. The flame of the modern condensing boiler is not particularly large, but nevertheless certain layers of dirt accumulate over the course of weeks and months and should be removed regularly. Find out here what can happen if you don't clean the gas heater - and how to play it safe.

Is the cleaning of the gas heating required by law??

The EnEV stipulates that those components of heating systems that have a "significant influence on efficiency" must be regularly serviced and serviced. This should be done by competent persons.

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The law does not specify any fixed intervals, but the instructions for use of most gas heaters state that maintenance should be required every year. In any case, the aforementioned maintenance also includes cleaning.

What are the advantages of having the gas heater cleaned??

Having an expert clean and maintain your gas heater has a number of important benefits that should not be missed. In detail, the following points are:

  • You behave in accordance with the law.
  • The efficiency of your gas heating is retained.
  • Low consumption is easy on the wallet.
  • Smaller repairs ensure reliable function.
  • They prevent major consequential damage.
  • Future major repairs may be possible. foresee.
  • You will receive regular expert advice.

This is how you play it safe

As you may have noticed, we tend to have real professionals cleaning and servicing you. However, it is not forbidden for the heater owner to lend a hand, but for this you must acquire the necessary knowledge, also in detail.

The safest option for you is to enter into a maintenance contract with a regional specialist company. The heating company will then carry out the complete maintenance every year for a flat rate without incurring additional costs.

Such contracts often include small replacement parts for the gas condensing boiler, as well as the particularly tempting 24-hour emergency service, even on weekends and public holidays. There is no more security in the heating sector!

Tips & Tricks Always schedule maintenance and cleaning outside of the heating season, preferably at the end of summer. Then you can start the cold season with peace of mind!