The terraced house - where to pay attention to as a tenant

You are interested in a tenant for a terraced house? Good, because the row house can be a very sensible and economical way of living. This article will tell you the pros and cons of renting a townhouse and what to look out for in order to be happy in the long term.

Sufficient size?

If you are interested in a particular row house, you should first find out more about it: Is there enough space? Is the equipment good enough? And how good is the insulation? Many tenants miscalculate in advance, especially when it comes to the question of space. Row houses are often built deliberately narrow in order to provide living space to as many people as possible in densely populated areas. Because of this construction method, you should not only visit your favorite terraced house, but also measure it before you move in.

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The neighborhood: an important aspect

But not only the row house itself, but also the neighborhood is of great importance: because if you get along well with your neighbors, an important aspect of relaxed living is guaranteed. So look ahead of time to see if the neighbors are, in a sense, a match for you: If you are an older couple and move into a settlement full of students who party loudly every weekend, problems and conflicts could arise in the long run.

Your advantages and disadvantages as a tenant

If you decide to rent a terraced house, you can count on the local independence as one of your great advantages. Because in contrast to the buyer, who has to commit themselves in a certain way and is tied to a particular row house because of the high price, you can easily move if you have problems with the house or neighbors. The tenant also has an advantage in the event of construction defects and necessary renovations, as the costs incurred are usually borne by the landlord.

But like almost everything in life, renting has certain disadvantages, one of which is the lack of financial security: If rent increases occur, you either have to accept them or look for another row house. The very limited design options are also a disadvantage, as the entire row house is the property of the landlord and the landlord thus determines how the house may look. Linked to this is the bad feeling for many people that they do not live in their "own four walls".

So you see: even if renting a townhouse has many advantages, you have to make some compromises if you decide to rent it. Despite their local independence, they should inform themselves in advance about the relevant terraced house to save trouble and stress.

Tips & Tricks On the Internet, you have numerous ways to compare terraced houses: This is how you see differences in prices and equipment and get a far-reaching overview to find your ideal house.