Clean the dishwasher filter

When the dishes are cleaned in the dishwasher, leftover food is also washed away. In addition, parts of the dishes can become detached. That is why there is a sieve in the dishwasher that needs to be cleaned regularly. Afterwards you will also find out what a dirty sieve can cause.

The dishwasher filter can quickly become clogged or not very permeable

The manufacturers of dishwashers repeatedly point out that leftovers only have to be roughly removed from the dishes. Even with dried-on residues, a good dishwasher can be used with ease. Nevertheless, no dishwasher manages to dismantle all leftovers as small as possible. In addition, even the smallest parts can become detached from the dishes that the device is cleaning:

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  • Leftover food
  • Screws and rivets
  • cover
  • Plastic or aluminum locking of yogurt cups etc.
  • When the machine is accidentally overloaded, broken glass

Even under the sieve dirt and foreign bodies can catch

At the bottom of the dishwasher interior is the pumping sump. Here, the water is pumped out and for example, the water bag of the dishwasher is supplied or easily pumped. So now no dining residues or foreign objects, how just listed, get into the run, a sieve is integrated. Some devices also have several sieves.

Numerous apparent defects can trigger a dirty sieve

The regular cleaning of these sieves is a matter of course for most owners of a dishwasher. But in addition, it usually remains in easy cleaning of the sieve. Now, however, it may happen that despite the sieve foreign body or residual residues get into the pumping sump. Here they can trigger numerous malfunctions:

  • Dishwasher does not heat, not always or not properly
  • Water is not pumped out completely
  • after the star, the dishwasher switches off
  • Dishwasher does not dry or does not dry properly
  • Dishwasher tablets no longer dissolve

This may come as a surprise to many, although it may still seem plausible why the water is no longer being pumped out. What it can have to do with a dirty filter, for example, when the dishwasher does not start, is explained below.

Dishwasher does not heat or dry

If the dishwasher doesn't heat up, it doesn't just affect the cleaning itself. That can also be the reason why the dishwasher does not dry out. Due to the way modern dishwashers work, this can also have something to do with a dirty sieve or foreign bodies under the sieve in the pipe drain.

If the sieve is dirty, of course, significantly less water can flow through it. The same applies if the outlet is blocked by a foreign body. This means that the water pressure is now also weaker. However, sensors measure the water pressure. If the pressure fits, the water heater is switched on.

The dishwasher's water pocket

The dishwasher's water bag is needed several times. The water is stored here so that it can be used several times. This explains the low water consumption of modern dishwashers. When drying, however, cold water is also let in here, so that the water vapor can condense and run off on the inside of the dishwasher in this cold area.

But if the sieve is clogged, this can affect the water inlet in the bag. Just as, as described, there may not be enough pressure to switch on the water heater.

Water is not pumped out

If the dishwasher does not empty or if it is only pumped out incompletely, this can also be related to the fact that the sieve is clogged or foreign objects are jammed underneath. Either the impeller can no longer turn or can hardly turn, or sufficient water cannot be sucked in at all.

The dishwasher switches off after the program has started

Many dishwashers do not completely drain the water at the end of the program. These devices pump out the water the next time the program starts. If there is now water in the dishwasher, it can for the reasons just mentioned (clogged filter, foreign bodies in the drain or. Impeller) may not drain.

Dishwasher tab does not dissolve

If the dishwasher tab does not dissolve, this can also be one of the reasons mentioned, namely that the water pressure is too low or the water cannot be pumped as it should be.

Clean the sieve and underneath

For these reasons, when you clean the sieve of your dishwasher, you should always check the pump sump for contamination and foreign bodies. You should also check the drain to see if it is open or if a foreign object is trapped. In addition, you should also clean the spray arms together with the sieve, as these can also clog. To do this, it is best to place them in hot water with citric acid for several hours. You can find further information under "Descaling the dishwasher ".

Tips & Tricks Many other problems can have to do with dirty or not well cleaned sieves. So even if it stinks or hums. Even if the dishwasher appears to be leaking, there may be a dirty strainer or a foreign object underneath.