Nobody wants to hear THAT! The 10 Worst Compliments In The World

Compliments can sweeten our day - but also really spoil it ...

In themselves, compliments are wonderful. A few little words that can make another person really happy. However, you should choose your words carefully. Because there are compliments that sound really good at first, but then turn out to be a real insult!

You should NEVER give these ten supposed compliments AGAIN:

You look great. Did you do something differently than usual?

At first a nice compliment, but the postscript ruin everything. Because it implies: Usually you look worse. And nobody really wants to hear that.

Did you lose weight? Suits you!

Yes, we women always like to hear that we have lost weight. However, compliments on weight can be very easy on your feet. Often our counterpart thinks that it was too fat before, looked worse ...

You're not that complicated / rude / etc. as everyone says.

In itself meant nicely: You are not complicated. But who likes to hear that everyone else thinks you are complicated / stupid / rude / boring / etc. hold?!

You are a real buddy.

If this compliment comes from a woman, all is well. As soon as a man utters these words, however, a world quickly collapses - especially if you feel more for him yourself. No woman wants to be seen just as a good buddy.

You've already got rid of a few baby pounds, great!

But only a few! What matters to the expectant mommy: You are still miles away from your pre-pregnancy weight.

The outfit makes you look a size slimmer.

That, too, is a compliment that is meant nicely in itself. However, we sensitive women understand: a) normally you look bigger and b) you would generally look better if you could wear one size less.

Chic new hairstyle! You can hardly see the gray hair.

Apparently you can see the gray hair very well! And clearly!

I think it's brave that you pull off your style like this.

Actually a good compliment and many women will be happy about it. But for one or the other with little self-confidence, who actually just want to look like everyone else, a world collapses afterwards.

You look really great for your age.

For my age? Instead of "You look good " only arrives here "You are pretty old." Not good. Compliments about old age always have the potential to make a mistake.

It's great how you pull off your career so badly.

To be praised for determination is in itself a good thing. However, this compliment has a nasty aftertaste. Does it mean walking over corpses?? Has turned into a career monster?

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