GDR Bungalow types as prefab utensils

Several bungalow types were produced as prefab utensils in the GDR. The bungalows with the type designation B and a two-digit number were mainly built in allotment garden colonies. A very popular model was the B22 with a bedroom, living room, small kitchen and toilet.

Size differences in increments of ten

With the height of the type designation, the area of the GDR bungalow types increased. Within the ten steps, only the floor plan was usually the difference. So the B26 was a different cut variant of the B22. The also very popular B34 and B36 had two bedrooms and a small shower room in addition to the living room. While in the B34 the kitchen was housed in an open niche in the living room, in the B36 it was a separate room.

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The GDR bungalow types of the B50 series were the most spacious and had two bedrooms and a living room, a separate kitchen, a bathroom and a central entrance hall. All kits were designed so that they could be assembled in a relatively self-explanatory manner. Important structural properties such as thermal insulation and the dense roofing were more or less taken into account.

The dimensions of popular DDR bungalow types

  • B22H (width 3.81 x length 6.23 meters, ceiling height 2.25 meters, area 23.73 sqm)
  • B22W (3.68 x 6.18 meters, 2.43 meters, 22.74 sqm)
  • B22Z (3.60 x 6.16 meters, 2.10 meters, 22.42 sqm)
  • B23 (3.91 x 6.41 meters, 2.10 meters, 23.02 sqm)
  • B26C (3.91 x 7.66 meters, 2.10 meters, 29.95 sqm)
  • B26K (3.83 x 7.26 meters, 2.20 meters, 25.44 sqm)
  • B26Z (3.64 x 7.36 meters, 2.10 meters, 26.79 sqm)
  • B34 (4.93 x 7.33 meters, 2.45 meters, 31.82 sqm)
  • B55 (4.98 x 10.98 meters, 2.41 meters, 49.55 sqm)

Asbestos and modification

The use of asbestos in the roof and outer panels made the bungalows only partially suitable for building legislation after reunification. Renovation packages that replace all asbestos-containing components are now available in stores. In addition, manufacturers have taken over the construction of the GDR bungalow types and adapted them for today's market conditions.

Tips & Tricks If one of the DDR bungalow types has already been built, a new building permit can be issued with a renovation. The problem is the legislation on allotment gardens, which only allows water and electricity connections to a very limited extent.