Decoration ideas for the windowsill

Many modern window textiles today give the window sills optically free. Leaving them empty often doesn't look nice, so you need decorating ideas for the window sill. This post will tell you what options are available here.

Open and covered window sills

Very transparent curtains reveal the windowsill at least a little. Other window decorations, such as Roman blinds or interior blinds attached directly to the window, allow a direct view of the window sill.

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With translucent curtains, decorative objects with clear outlines and simple colors are particularly recommended. These then shine through as a shape and, depending on the amount of sunlight, as a silhouette surrounded by light, which can look very attractive.

Vases on the windowsill

Vases are very diverse decorative items. They are available in numerous shapes, sizes and color nuances. Rustic in the country house style is particularly suitable for rooms that are kept quite rural. If white and light colors dominate, the play of colors in vases in pastel shades can harmonize well with the room.

If you want flowers in your vase, it is best to limit yourself to individual flowers in delicate but clear colors. Individual twigs, possibly with small flowers, also look very attractive in the matching vase.

The vases, which look like narrow test tubes, are particularly attractive. Decorated with twigs or individual flowers, they are a very minimalist, but visually very effective decoration.


The somewhat smaller vase shape are lanterns. They can also represent suitable decorative objects for the window sill. However, you should limit yourself to one or two colors that are as light as possible and not vary the variety of shapes too much.

Decorative objects

The classics for the window sill are small bird figures in different designs. Any other decorative object for the window sill is also suitable.

It is important that the window sill should not be overloaded with figures, figurines and objects. That seems restless and has a visually only slightly striking effect.

Themed decoration

Decorative items according to the season can be a very nice window decoration: Poinsettias and small Christmas figures with Christmas lanterns in winter, spring flowers and fresh, budding branches in spring, fruits in autumn.

Tips & Tricks As with any decoration, the same applies to the windowsill: less is more. Try to make a clear statement with your decoration and to realize it with as few and as simple objects as possible.