Decorative and practical: alternatives to pleated blinds

Pleated blinds have many advantages, for example they are easy to care for and flexible. Plus, depending on the model and pattern, they can look really nice. But not every apartment owner is a friend of the practical pleated blind: Some people don't like the look, for others pleated blinds are simply too expensive. We looked around for decorative alternatives.

The Roman blind as an inexpensive alternative to pleated blinds

Roman blinds do not have such a complicated folding technique as pleated blinds, the cheapest models are already available for less than 10 EUR. The choice of colors and patterns is enormous, there are also gathered blackout blinds and thermo-insulating products.

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The cheapest Roman blinds are made of transparent fabric without heat protection and have a very simple construction. Attention: Not every roller blind is supplied complete with a curtain rod, the costs for this are added in this case!

Chic and trendy: thread curtains

Thread curtains are a particularly decorative alternative. They consist of textile strips or threads hanging close together and are particularly impressive because of their airy look. They are not only suitable as sun protection on the window, but also as room dividers on passageways.

Further alternatives to the pleated system

The product range in the field of sun protection for windows is almost inexhaustible, the two examples mentioned only offer a small selection of the current range. Here are even more alternatives to pleated blinds:

  • Outdoor awnings
  • Bamboo blinds
  • Thermal roller blinds
  • Clamp roller blinds
  • PVC or aluminum blinds
  • Wooden blinds
  • Double blinds
  • Lamellar curtains
  • Sliding curtains / panel curtains

We advise taking a closer look at every single product on the list, researching photos, comparing the properties and then making a targeted choice. Every sun protection has its own advantages and disadvantages, in the end the personal taste decides.

Tips & Tricks You can order pleated blinds made to measure in unusual formats, while one-size-fits-all is relatively cheap at online discounter. Honeycomb pleated blinds keep the heat out: maybe you decide on one of these practical pleated blinds.