Changing the bathroom fan filter is child's play

Regular maintenance of a bathroom fan also includes cleaning or changing the filter. If this happens at regular intervals, the air you breathe always remains clean and the fan is guaranteed to last for a long time.

How often does the bathroom fan filter need to be changed??

Depending on how many people use the bathroom, your bathroom fan should be cleaned every three to six months. This also includes the filter. If the filter is more than two to three years old, it should be replaced with a new filter.

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If it is not cleaned or changed regularly, the performance of the bathroom fan will deteriorate. This can go so far that the required air exchange is no longer guaranteed. The bathroom mirror stays on and the bathroom fan can start to hum or fail completely.

In most bathroom fans, the built-in filters can be washed out, which saves you having to replace them during the first cleaning intervals. Some filters can also be cleaned by knocking them out or blowing them out.

Filter change made easy

You can find out when a filter change is required in the manufacturer's documents. Some bathroom fans also have a filter change indicator. Even if the filter still seems intact, we still recommend changing it at the specified interval. Filters for bathroom fans cost little money and if cleaning is required, the filter should also be changed.

Check the manufacturer's description to find out which filter is suitable for your bathroom fan. At the same time, the humidity sensor can be checked or you can readjust the overrun.

This is how you should proceed:
1. Disconnect the bathroom fan from the power supply.
2. Remove the fan cover.
3. Remove the filter from the housing.
4th. Wipe the bathroom fan with a damp cloth. Dry dust in the fan can be easily removed with a small handheld vacuum cleaner.
5. Insert the cleaned or new filter.
6th. After completing all work, fasten the housing cover again.

Tips & Tricks Check the functionality of your bathroom fan by holding a piece of toilet paper against the fume cupboard. If it is tightened, you have reassembled everything correctly.