The bathroom fan is humming, what to do?

High-quality bathroom fans usually work quite quietly. If a bathroom fan is buzzing, you should first remove it to get to the bottom of the matter; if it is defective, you must replace the bathroom fan.

How loud can bathroom fans be??

Bathroom fans are one of those devices that you should hardly hear. That is why it is worth taking a look at the information on running noise when buying a bathroom fan. Good bathroom fans should not be louder than 25 dB (decibels) and should not exceed a value of 30 dB. If the background noise is below 25 dB, a bathroom fan works almost silently.

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For comparison, a few details from everyday life:

Noise volume
Breathing sounds or the faint rustling of leaves 10 dB
Ticking a wristwatch 20 dB
soft whispers, soft conversation 30 dB

Modern bathroom fans usually work very quietly. Nevertheless, it can happen that someone makes noises. If a bathroom fan is louder than 30 dB or even hums, this can have several causes:

1. The bathroom fan filter is clogged or dirty. The bathroom fan must therefore work against a resistance, which leads to louder noises. The only thing that helps here is to expand and clean the ventilation system in the bathroom.
2. When installing the bathroom fan, the sound insulation was neglected. The removal of the bathroom fan also helps here to determine whether the running noise is transmitted through the walls. You can do the sound insulation yourself by covering the fan with composite foam.
3. Long ventilation pipes with elbows can also lead to louder noises from the air turbulence. You should therefore replace the rigid pipe system with a flexible system with flexible pipes.
4th. The ventilation wheel of the bathroom fan is deformed or broken. Only a corresponding spare part or buying a new bathroom fan can help here.
5. The worst case scenario of a humming bathroom fan is a seized drive or a stalled ventilation wheel. In this case, immediately disconnect the fan from the mains. Nothing else can be done here than completely replacing the fan.

Tips & Tricks Old bathroom fans can also be the cause of humming noises, so that buying a new bathroom fan is profitable in several ways. New bathroom fans are quiet, use less electricity and look more attractive.